Being a Governor in a Year R (Reception) to Year 6 village school

CViE 4 May 2018

This post, if the Lord will, is the first in a series called “Being a…” The idea behind the series is for those involved with… Read more

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Bits of Interest – March 2018

CViE 31 Mar 2018

This post provides a summary of a number of issues that CViE have noted in the past month and follows on from the previous updates. In this update, we have included information on Barnet Council’s support of faith schools; the importance of reading; the distraction of social media; the importance of physical exercise; and a concern over state education. Read more

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Spotlight on: Educate and Celebrate

CViE 23 Mar 2018

Chris McGovern (Chairman of the Campaign for Real Education) has written an article titled “LGBT zealots’s growing stranglehold on schools” that was published on the… Read more

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CViE Website & Social Media

CViE 10 Mar 2018

Over the last few months the Latest News section of the CViE website has been regularly updated. The intent is that it will be an informative resource… Read more

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Bits of Interest – February 2018

CViE 28 Feb 2018

In this update, we have included information on the Science and Technology Committee’s inquiry into social media and young people’s health; concern over the shortage of religious education teachers; the influence of the transgender movement in school textbooks; and the House of Commons Library Briefing on home education. Read more

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Watch What You Say

CViE 21 Feb 2018

CViE have recently circulated copies of its booklet “Watch What You Say”, produced in a new format. If you have not received the booklet, and… Read more

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Peer Pressure

CViE 21 Feb 2018

Peer pressure.  Not easy, is it?  ‘But what do you know about peer pressure—especially mine?’—I hear you say.  Fair point. I don’t actually know anything… Read more

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Sex Education – Urgent Response Required

CViE 13 Jan 2018

Urgent: Respond to the Department for Education’s teaching of sex education ‘call for evidence’ Details of ‘call for evidence’ can be found at:  Action Christian… Read more

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Bits of Interest – January 2018

CViE 3 Jan 2018

This is the first of a regular series of posts highlighting current items of interest from the world of education. The plan is to produce similar digests on a monthly basis and hope it will help to keep you informed. Subjects included in this posting are: Parental responsibility; information about a new organisation ParentPower; and the importance of regular sleep patterns. Read more

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