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Book recommendation request for 9/11  


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18/02/2019 10:04 pm  

My daughter is currently in year 10. She is very open about her faith at school, and consequently often gets asked questions by other pupils and teachers.Recently a teacher told her that she believed in God, until the terrorist attacks in the USA on 9/11. My daughter would like to find a book regarding this, which she can give to Her teacher.Can anyone make a suggestion.We already have 'Where was God on September 11' by John Blanchard.


Lou-Lou liked
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23/02/2019 9:51 am  

John Blanchard is probably one of the best apologetics authors to give to a non-Christian.  Other than that there are other books that would be good on the subject but you would have to judge whether they are suitable for the teacher or not... 'When Worlds Collide' by R C Sproul, 'Why Does God Allow War' by Lloyd-Jones or 'Where Was God When That Happened' by Christopher Ash. These are all fairly small books but were you thinking of something more tract sized?

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25/02/2019 8:55 pm  

Seconded re John Blanchard - we use Where Is God When Things Go Wrong? on our church market stall.

Another possibility - it's a while since I looked at it in any detail, but I seem to remember parts of How Could A Loving God...? by Ken Ham being helpful. If you want to try before you buy it is available to read online here:


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