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School governors  


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16/02/2019 6:23 pm  

Thank you CViE for setting up this forum and I hope it will prove useful going forward. 

I am a school governor at primary age and I am interested in hearing how many other CViE supporters are (or have been) school governors, and any useful experience you have had. The schools I have worked with have generally been sympathetic to Christian principles but obviously the ongoing changes in wider society and education can be concerning. 

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08/03/2019 9:40 pm  

I have recently become a governor at primary age also. I am sure it will be very helpful to have a like-minded community for various things! I feel very ill-equipped to make a stand and yet already I feel I have entered a battle. The school has just sent out their LGBT policy which is so concerning. But with the SRE coming up I feel like I’m going to make a serious nuisance of myself. 


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