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[Sticky] CViE Forum - Rules & Terms  


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By joining and participating in the forum you agree to abide by the following rules:

  1. Keep discussions relevant to the broad aims of Christian Values in Education. The forum is not intended as a place for general chat or gossip.
  2. Post in relevant sub-forums. Messages posted in the wrong topic area will be removed and placed in the correct sub-forum by moderators. If you are unsure where to post, add your thread to one of the general topics and the moderators will sort it out.
  3. Respect other users.
  4. Individuals & Organisations. If naming individuals and/or organisations, please do so with respect.
  5. No threats or harassment of other users will be tolerated. Any instance of threatening or harassing behaviour will result in the deletion of posts and the banning of the member(s) responsible.
  6. No profanity or obscenity is allowed. Posts containing adult material will be deleted and the member responsible banned.
  7. No re-posting of copyrighted materials or other illegal content is allowed. Any posts containing illegal content or copyrighted materials will be deleted.
  8. No spam. All automated messages will be deleted immediately.


Please remember that CViE is not responsible for any message posted.  CViE does not vouch for the accuracy, correctness, completeness or usefulness of any message. Posted messages express the views of the author of the message, not necessarily the views of CViE.  Any user who feels that a posted message is objectionable is encouraged to contact CViE immediately by email. Objectionable messages will be removed within a reasonable time frame if we determine that removal is necessary.

Finally, on the forum, only postings from the official CViE account represent the views of the charity. Where a trustee of CViE posts under their own name / account, the views expressed are personal and not necessarily representative of those of the charity.

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