Mind Matters – CViE National Conference 2019

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Date: 28 Sep 2019 at 10:30 - 16:00
Venue: Caddington Village School, Caddington, LU1 4JD

The 2019 CViE National Conference will be held, if the Lord will, on Saturday 28th September from 10:30 until 16:00. This year the main theme of the day is Mind Matters and we hope to address the topic of Mental Health from a Christian perspective. We also hope to run a panel session on educational options.


  • Prof. Alan Thomas, consultant psychiatrist and author of ‘Tackling Mental Illness Together: A Biblical and Practical Approach’.
  • Mr Nick Pollard, a founder member of the charity ‘Family Mental Wealth’. (https://familymentalwealth.com) who has first-hand experience of parenting a child with mental health issues.

You can download the Conference Programme, the Conference Flyer and the Conference Information Pack.

Further details and a programme for the day are provided below.

At previous conferences, CViE has tackled some very challenging topics. Very simply this is because parents, young people and children are confronted with these topics on a daily basis and CViE aims to help.

If the Lord will, this year will be no different; the theme of the Conference will be ‘Mind Matters’.  Mental Health is a very topical issue that has a high profile in society in general as well as within education, and at CViE we feel it is time to broach it from a Christian perspective.

Today, young people are under unrelenting pressure to conform, and to be ‘liked’. With the increasing absence of absolutes (right and wrong), the pervasiveness of technology and social media, and the prominence of the LGBT agenda, young minds are inevitably confused. This leads to erosion of their sense of worth, purpose and direction, too often with tragic consequences. Recent coverage of teen suicides and the high rate of self-harm amongst teenage girls bears testament to this. The rising tide of mental health related problems has also increased strain on parents, teachers and students.

Mental Health is a very broad and topic and its sensitive nature can make it hard to talk about. It’s terminology is often misunderstood, misused and even abused both in society as a whole and in Christian circles.

We have, if the Lord will, engaged two speakers to address these issues. The first is Prof. Alan Thomas (his book is reviewed here) and the second is Nick Pollard whose daughter suffered from mental health issues and is a founder member of the charity ‘Family Mental Wealth’. (https://familymentalwealth.com)

There will also be a session focusing on educational options. The erosion of parental responsibility and increasing moves to promote LGBT ideologies have implications on the education of children and how parents fulfil their responsibility as the educators of their children. The session will explore, from a parent’s perspective, the concerns and choices to be made in identifying an appropriate education for children.

A range of activities have been organised for different age groups and a creche will be available. We have also structured the event to hopefully encourage those attending to meet with others and discuss matters of concern.  There will be an opportunity to visit the bookstalls provided by The Christian Bookshop Ossett, and Gospel Standard Trust Publications as well as CViE.

There is no charge for the event. Cold drinks, tea and coffee will be available and those attending are reminded to bring a packed lunch.

CVIE National Conference: Saturday 28 September 2019 – Programme
10:30Arrival / Refreshments (Hot & cold drinks, biscuits and fruit will be provided)
11:00Welcome / Order of the day / Reading / Prayer / CViE Update
Age5-8 Years9-12 Years13+Adults
11:30-12:25God’s wonderful creation - Sarah KerleyGod’s purpose for marriage and the family - Sandra Rome, Lovewise
Stewardship: What the Bible teaches - James Taylor
Presentations and discussion on educational options

Leader: Dan Sayers
12:25-12:30Grace - to be said in each location.
12:30-13:25Lunch: Please bring your own packed lunch - Hot & cold drinks will be provided - Opportunity to visit the resources area / bookstalls.
13:30-14:25Watch what we say - Debbie ScottUsing our time wisely - Joe Hayden
Relationships and the Bible - Sandra Rome, Lovewise
Mental Health: A Christian Perspective - Prof. Alan Thomas
14:25-14:50Break: Hot & cold drinks, biscuits and fruit will be provided - Opportunity to visit the resources area / bookstalls.
14:50-14:55Reconvene in main hall.
15:00-15:55Recreational activity - Richard Kingham
Mental Health: A Parent’s Journey - Nick Pollard
15:55-16:30Summary / Conclusions / Reading & Prayer
16:30Hot & cold drinks / Departure

Note: A brief introduction of each of the sessions is provided in the Conference Information Pack.

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