RSE – Resources to Help You Take Action

On this page you will find links to a range of resources from a number of organisations to help you engage with and respond to the new Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) guidelines which become mandatory in all schools in England from September 2020.

Now is the time to act as individual schools will be considering how to implement the guidance and developing their formal policy. A key part of this is a requirement to consult parents during the process.

Whilst the battle to stop the updated guidance has been lost, you can still be a positive influence on its implementation. We trust these resources will be helpful and would urge you to set aside some time to work through them and consider how you should respond.

Christian Concern

What parents and schools need to know about Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) – This video presented by the Christian Legal Centre’s Roger Kiska is a great introduction to the topic. It gives a balanced and informative in-depth look at what is really required for schools (under the statutory guidance) in delivering RSE and gives a Christian response. This will help parents understand what their rights are ad what to look out for.

Stop Children From being Taught Harmful RSE – This article present six steps parents can take and gives lots of practical advice and suggestions both about approaching schools and countering bad teaching at home.

Christian Institute

Relationship and Sex Education Campaign Page – The Christian Institutes introductory page.

CI Podcast: Relationship and Sex Education – John Denning the CI Education Officer introduces himself and provides an overview of some of the key aspects of the new RSE guidance.

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