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CViE|16 Nov 2019

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If you are on the Christian Institute mailing list you will probably have received a copy of their new booklet Equipped for Equality in the post recently. If not it can be downloaded from their website. It looks to be a very helpful publication, covering what schools can and cannot do in the name of equality & human rights, as well as outlining the legal rights of parents. This will no doubt be a valuable resource when considering RSE over the coming months as schools roll out their new policies for the updated guidance.

In their own words…

Christian teachers, parents and pupils are increasingly facing difficulties as the education system becomes more secular. Pressure groups with their own agendas are approaching schools offering advice, training and resources. Often this is backed up with vague appeals to the ‘Equality Act’ to make schools feel they have no alternative but to follow the advice given.

This short guide sets out to debunk the myths surrounding what schools in England, Wales and Scotland are required to do because of the Equality Act 2010. It also spells out the protections both the Equality Act and the Human Rights Act 1998 afford to religious pupils and parents.

This guide is written primarily for parents and pupils, although others will find it very useful.

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