New! eSafety Resources + Introductory Video

CViE|8 Jan 2019

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At the recent CViE National Event we were pleased to launch a new set of resources to help parents tackling the Screen Safety and Security (eSafety) topic with their children. We’ve received a lot of feedback over the last couple of years asking for help and advice with this subject and we trust the resources produced will prove useful.

The resources are available on our dedicated eSafety webpage here.

Also now available is the video of the introductory presentation given at the National Event.

As mentioned at the National Event, we are keen to collect feedback and personal practical experiences from those who have been facing these issues. A big part of where CViE can help is by providing a way for parents to connect and share information, suggestions and experience. If you have something that may be of use to others please share on the CViE Forum, or get in touch via the website.

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