Al Mohler on technology: Make ‘parent’ a verb!

CViE|21 Jun 2019

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In this short two-minute video, Dr R. Albert Mohler (President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminar) addresses the question “What practical advice would you give parents as they shepherd their children’s use of technology?”. Within the video, Dr Mohler makes some very relevant points. A couple especially stand out.

  1. Firstly that parents are stewards of their children.
  2. Secondly that the word ‘parent’ needs to be a verb and not just a noun.

In the video, Dr Mohler mentions in passing cyber bullying. The UK Safer Internet Centre has published an online article “Cyberbullying advice for parents and carers”. The blog states “Online bullying can make young people feel alone, isolated and like there is no escape from it, but there are things that can be done to help and places they can go for help. In this blog we look at the things that parents and carers can do to support a young person who has experienced cyberbullying”. The points raised in the blog a very practical yet is very apparent that much wisdom is needed as a parent to support children caught up in cyber bullying and for Christian the need for much prayer. The blog can be found by clicking here.

In order to help parents with the challenges of parenting in a digital age then CViE has developed a ‘Screen Safety Hub’ information to help parents keep their children safe and secure in using technology.  The Hub can be accessed by clicking here.

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