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CViE|10 Mar 2018

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Over the last few months the Latest News section of the CViE website has been regularly updated. The intent is that it will be an informative resource on current challenges in education and equip Christians to counter the atheistic & amoral attitudes that are now so widespread.

We have also been reviewing how best to keep you informed—both of new material on the website—and also other CViE activities, publications & events.  Communicating quickly is clearly important, as some issues (such as the recent government consultation on Sex & Relationship Education) are urgent and move rapidly. It is also undeniable that social media now plays a significant role in the way many receive and transmit information.

In view of this, CViE has made the decision to supplement our current communication channels with a responsible use of social media. Our hope is that this will enable us to reach many existing—and new—supporters more effectively. As a first step, the CViE Facebook page has been launched (See: Do take a look at our page, follow us, and watch out for links to new resources & events.

For those who do not use social media, please be assured that the website remains our primary information resource and that, God willing, we will also continue to publish booklets and regular newsletters via post & email.

We pray that the Lord will continue to bless the work of CViE; that He will guide us as we further develop our website and social media presence; and that it will be of benefit to you

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