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CViE|23 Mar 2018

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Chris McGovern (Chairman of the Campaign for Real Education) has written an article titled “LGBT zealots’s growing stranglehold on schools” that was published on the Conservative Woman website. At first sight the title may seem alarmist however the article does highlight issues that should cause Christians to be alarmed as to the inroads of external influences being made into schools.

The article focuses on the work of a charity “Educate and Celebrate” who are “an Ofsted and DFE recognised Best Practice Award Programme that gives staff, students, parents and governors the confidence and strategies to implement an LGBT+Inclusive curriculum to successfully eradicate homophobia, biphobia and transphobia from our nursery, primary and secondary schools, colleges, Universities, organisations and communities.

Focusing on 5 core areas, the best practice award programme invites teachers, students, parents and governors to participate in creating positive whole school change through training, policy, curriculum, community and environment.”

Educate and Celebrate’s strapline is “Making schools and organisation LGBT+ friendly”

Chris McGovern opens his article with the following paragraph “‘You don’t have to be what your family tells you what you have to be!’ This verdict on family life is pronounced by a child as part of a classroom film that is successfully promoting the transformation of our society. The speaker is aged around seven. Surrounding him are a group of classmates. They are performing a literacy lesson ‘singalong’ in line with what now constitutes ‘best practice’ in our primary schools.”

The classroom film referred to is titled “Building Cohesive Communities” and is certainly an eye-opener regarding the infiltration of LGT be influences in the schools and the subtlety of the approaches used to mainstream their viewpoint. The video can be found by clicking here.

Another video is titled “Howletch Primary School respond to Love Has No Labels”. This video again is an eye-opener and yes we may find the video shocking or frightening however where does it leave us? The video can be found by clicking here.

If these videos are not frightening enough, then the language of the Educate and Celebrate webpage titled “Creating Gender-Neutral Schools” is very concerning. This webpage also promotes the newly published book “How to transform your school into an LGBT+Friendly place: A practical guide for nursery, primary and secondary teachers”. Again, the subtlety of the language is noticeable and also how this may well appeal to the school wanting to make itself OFSTED proof!

Perhaps a real concern in all this is the onslaught this is being made to confuse the minds of children and young people. Do we have a real prayerful concern for the Lord to appear and stop the inroads being made into our state education system and turn our nation once more unto Him?

Allied to this is how aware are Christian parents (and indeed Christians as a whole) of what is being taught in schools and more importantly what resources are being used to teach the curriculum.

Finally, do we pray for Christian teachers, heads and others involved in education that they might be helped and guided in their role and given strength to hold to their beliefs. (This does not detract from the need to pray for those in authority and for our land.). Is this not now a “high time to awake out of sleep”?

Chris McGovern’s article can be found by clicking here.

CViE published an article on Transgenderism in 2017 which may be of interest and this can be found by clicking here.

CViE is also seeking to address this topic at the forthcoming CViE National Event on Saturday, 22 September 2018 Reigate in Surrey.

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