ERCL – How to think about screen time and our kids

CViE|13 Jan 2020

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Looking back over the past decade one of the most significant changes was the rise of the smartphone and of social media platforms. These have had a major impact on the life of most individuals and especially of children and young people.

Much has been written on this topic and towards the end of last year, a couple of useful articles appeared on the Southern Baptist ‘Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission’ (ERLC) website which look at some of the challenges faced by parents and their families in this digital age.

The first of the articles is summarised and linked below. Look out for the second shortly.

“How to think about screen time and our kids” by Jason Thaker

The author, a father of two boys under four, writes ‘We should keep some key concepts in mind as we seek to lead our children with wisdom in this digital age. First, we must remember that God has created each of us as his image-bearers (Gen. 1:26-27) with the responsibility to steward the gifts he has bestowed on us. Second, technology is not an evil or immoral pursuit when used in moderation and with the right orientation of loving God and our neighbour (Matt. 22:37-39). The truth that technology is a gift to be used by us rather than control us can help give guidelines as we move forward in this digital age.’

He goes on to say,

‘This means that we are to be thoughtful about how we use technology—not embracing every new tool or service but evaluating how we can use them to help us deepen our love for God and our love for each other. Here are some simple diagnostic questions you can ask yourself and your kids:

  • What is driving me to use this tool or service?
  • How is this helping me to grow in godliness?
  • How might this help me connect with others in deeper and more meaningful ways?’

Although you may not go along with all that is written, there are some valid reflections on a subject that is on the minds of many parents living in the digital age.

The full article can be accessed here.

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