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CViE|24 Aug 2018

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Would you like to volunteer? We’re looking for additional helpers at the forthcoming CViE National Event 2018 on Saturday 22, September 2018 at Reigate Parish Church Primary School see

We are looking for helpers to assist with the following activities:

  • the creche – in the past those running the creche have been tied up all day and so unable to hear the speakers. We have had several offers of support with the creche, however a few more helping hands would be welcome 

the 5 -8 years workshops – these workshops are activity base and the leaders would welcome help with keeping the children engaged (and on task!)

the recreational activity at the end of the day – this session is an opportunity for the children (5-12 years-old) to let off steam prior to the journey home. Helpers do not need to be too physically active, just willing to keeping things moving 

  • At present, we are unsure of the numbers of children who will be present and taking part in these activities, consequently we felt it prudent to identify a bank of helpers prior to the event.
    If you are attending the National Event and could spare an hour during the day to help with one of these activities, then please let us know by emailing: A big thank you to all those who have already offered their services.
    So to follow on from the famous Lord Kitchener poster “CViE needs you – join our helpers today” by contacting:

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