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CViE|23 Mar 2019

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This post provides an update on the ongoing parliamentary process regarding the draft Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education and Health Education (England) Regulations 2019. CViE posted about this last week, urging you to pray and contact your MP as the motion was timetabled in the House of Commons for Wednesday 20th March.

A motion was duly laid before the House of Commons last Wednesday to seek approval of these draft regulations. Due to the introduction of an emergency debate “Extension of the Article 50 process”, the debate on the RSE motion was delayed to the early evening. In watching the debate, it was interesting that the House was almost empty and that the majority of MPs felt that the regulations were appropriate and necessary although some concern was expressed re parental responsibility and right to withdraw (from SRE lessons). What was also very noticeable was how, sadly, the LGBT+ ideology has permeated the thinking of MPs on all sides of the House of Commons.

When the time for the vote on the motion to approve the draft regulations was taken then audibly the ‘Ayes’ would seem to have been in the majority however due to the action of Philip Davies MP the voting process was curtailed and a ‘deferred division’ was announced by the Deputy Speaker (interestingly wearing a ‘rainbow’ lanyard). Consequently, the vote will now be taken in the House of Commons on Wednesday, 27 March 2019.

It does seem remarkable that the outcome of the debate ended as it did, our prayer is that the Lord might yet overturn the statutory instrument. How we are reminded even in the dealings of Parliament that all events are “if the Lord will”.

John Newton in the hymn “Elijah’s example declares” records in verse 2:

“More likely to rob and to feed,
Were ravens, which live upon prey;
But when the Lord’s people have need,
His goodness will find out a way.”

CViE would urge you to continue to pray that the Lord might yet appear, and that this draft statutory regulation might be overturned at the vote next week. Do write to your MP, expressing your concerns. (The blog post last week has links to what might be included in a letter to an MP).

Why is all this important?

If you are thinking that things are not too bad in my child’s school, then do view our previous post regarding an organisation ‘Educate and Celebrate’, to see how young minds are being influenced.

Recently, we were made aware of a book “My Princess Boy”. We subsequently found a lesson plan which uses his book in school (albeit in Scotland). Do take time to look at what was being planned and how it was being used throughout the different school years by clicking here.

This also raises the question, “how informed are parents as to what their children are being taught in school within SRE?”

CViE would urge you not to pass by, when the minds of children and young people are in danger of being confused with teaching about lifestyles and behaviour contrary to the Word of God.

Further sources:

  • CViE RSE webpages.
  • The Hansard record of the debate on the draft SRE regulations can be found by clicking here.
  • The video record of the debate can be found by clicking here. (Note the debate started at 18:37 and this can be found by scrolling through the ‘Index’ tab on the right screen.)
  • A newspaper report on Philip Davies’s intervention can be found by clicking here.

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